Motorists given notice on locking up and locking out auto crime

Kamloops City

Sandro Piroddi, Kamloops Community Services Support Liaison. A man in a high visible yellow vest, blue non-medical mask, dark blue shirt with ‘Crime Prevention’ shoulder patch and dark pants, places a paper notice under the windshield wiper of a white van in a parking lot.
Sandro Piroddi, Kamloops Community Services Support Liaison.

Is that a ticket on your windshield? If it appeared on your parked vehicle last week, there’s a good chance it was actually an Auto Crime Prevention Notice.

The Kamloops RCMP and community partners teamed up last week to create awareness and promote auto theft prevention during Lock-Out Auto Crime events throughout the city.

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, April 28 and 29, 2021, police officers, RCMP and Kamloops City volunteers, Community Service Officers, and ICBC employees hit parking lots at the Thompson Hotel, North Shore Library, Holiday Inn, Northills Mall, and Fortune Shopping Centre to check on unoccupied vehicles and see how well they did at preventing auto theft. All vehicles checked received an Auto Crime Prevention Notice with comments and tips on what was noticed.To view the full story, visit: