PSA: Pedestrian Safety

Kamloops RCMP Public Service Announcement

October 9th, 2020

Every year, when the fall arrives and the daylight hours’ decrease, Kamloops experiences a dramatic increase in motor vehicle incidents involving pedestrians. The Kamloops RCMP is reminding everyone to please be aware and be extra vigilant while on the roadway for the safety of everyone. It will make our community a safer place if we all just take a few steps to promote road safety.   

The Kamloops RCMP provides tips for everyone on the roadway during the fall season:


  • Wear bright clothing with reflective material that can be seen by drivers
  • Always maintain eye contact with the driver approaching you
  • Don’t assume you have the right of way and walk in the crosswalk, make sure it is safe
  • Don’t wear head phones or wear your hoody up so it affects your senses
  • Use established crosswalks at lighted intersections when you can


  • Be ready to yield to pedestrians attempting to cross the roadway
  • Be focused on driving and put down your cell phone
  • Always check twice when making turns and make eye contact with pedestrians before moving forward
  • Be proactive in anticipating what other drivers and pedestrians are going to do 
  • Give yourself extra time to and assume it is going to be slippery

“Be kind to one another, smile, walk briskly, wave, and thank others for giving you the right of way when crossing. Courtesy for everyone will save lives in our community and hopefully reduce the number of pedestrian accidents we have! It doesn’t matter if you had the “right of way” if you are laying in a hospital bed” says Sgt Darren Michels of the Kamloops Detachment.

Sgt Darren Michels
Kamloops RCMP