RIH Security Incident

File Number: 2020-28605
Aug. 25, 2020

Security Incident at Royal Inland Hospital
On August 25, 2020 at approximately 2:10 p, the Kamloops RCMP responded to a third party security threat made by phone to the Royal Inland Hospital.
An unknown caller called the hospital switchboard stating that another person may have left an explosive device in one of the washrooms of the place.

“While we always take these threats seriously, it’s important to know that the hospital security did all that was needed to be done to ensure the safety of everyone within that place” said S/Sgt VAN LAER of the Kamloops RCMP. “The Kamloops RCMP simply provided support, including that of a police dog trained to detect explosives, to the hospital security staff and assisted in confirming that the report was unfounded” added S/Sgt VAN LAER. A precautionary sweep of all of the hospital many washrooms was conducted. “Our next step now is to concentrate our efforts in identifying that unknown caller, and ensure that he or she doesn’t repeat such threat” said S/Sgt VAN LAER.