Kamloops Bike Patrol hits the streets

Kamloops RCMP summer bike patrol program is hitting the streets soon. The Kamloops RCMP, in partnership with the City of Kamloops and bylaw officers will be patrolling a neighbourhood near you.

“We want families to feel safe and welcome in all areas of their community. Bike patrol units are very effective at doing this.” Stated Cpl. Jodi Shelkie. “They can go into alleys, along sidewalks, trails and through beaches and parks. They are very visible and very proactive.”

Police bike patrols see what officers in traditional police cars can’t because they can access areas that a police vehicle won’t travel. Their presence on the streets helps prevent crime. Also, with the assistance of the detachment’s crime analyst and compstat (computer statistics), members of the bike unit can proactively target hot spots or areas with identified higher crime statistics for things such as vandalism, disturbances, theft from vehicles and public intoxication. Officers will also be able to search out prolific offenders in these often hard to reach areas.

Expect to see the RCMP Bike Unit patrolling downtown, North Shore and South Shore this summer.